Did the flickr assignment fulfill its intended goal? 

Well, as many of you now know, I consider myself an amatuer photographer and have reveled in having a “captive audience” via flickr and WDE09.  Thank you all for your generous comments.  So, I would say absolutely, the goal has been fulfilled. 

As I got to thinking about all of these reflections, it reminded me of the literal definition of the word.  I happen to be a huge fan of photographing reflections everywhere I see them:

  •  in rearview mirrors,
  •  in puddles, ditches, and various other stagnant, still waters,
  • in wet pavement and oil slicks,
  • sunglasses, and well waxed vehicles
  • even dewdrops and car bumpers (well, the old one’s that is…)

Did the site live up to my expectations? 

Curses!  Foiled again.  Okay, as I got further in  I found I really liked this site, and even forked out $4.95 this month for the picnik editor that went along with it so I could try out some cool effects for our project pics.  But now, as I attempt to tell my story, visually enhanced by my photos, my efforts have been thwarted.  It seems I have exceeded some pre-determined limit. (Rats! I thought I could make it until the end of the month!) All in all though, I think they provide a nice site that’s easily navigable with ample space  for most folks.  (and creative protection….woohoo!) So, with empty pocketbook and full memory card,  I will continue my photographic escapades. 

Would I recommend it to my friends? 

You bet I would!  I would highly recommend it to anyone who considers their digital photography a hobby, or just wants a place to post those family photos.   Flickr on my friends!


Sunday Study Sunday

Willow & Smitty Sleep While Mama Studies
Willow & Smitty Sleep While Mama Studies


As my babies snuggle, (Flower is asleep at my feet) I am studying.  I turned to grab a book and found these two sound asleep in the middle of my spread of Sunday’s literature.  So sweet, it never ceases to amaze me the depth of thier friendship and the gentleness of my Willow.  Even when Smitty gets rough and sinks his claws in her, she just whines and looks hurt, never resorting to brute force.  Awwww, mama’s biggest baby.


Howdy classmates!  I’d like to introduce myself as Jules, for that is the nickname most used by my friends.  I am a graduate of ODU, class of ‘93 with a degree in Middle School Education.  After spending ten grueling years teaching in the Portsmouth Public School Systems I decided to switch careers.  Well, that didn’t last long and after spending a year or so as a Registrar I found myself back in the classroom, although this time at the community college level.  Needing a few additional credits I returned to ODU to fulfill the requirements to continue teaching.  Currently I am enrolled in Teaching College Composition, History of the English Language, and the Craft of Poetry.   I am hoping to gain from this class a thorough understanding of the media my students are most engrossed in, in hopes that I may then use that knowledge  in the classroom.  With this generation of texters, IM, visual learners, etc. I am finding that traditional pedagogies are just not getting the job done.  Students today want instant gratification and justification for anything assigned to them.  Gone are the days of the methods by which I was taught.  I spend a lot of time on the Internet but mostly for research purposes, curiosity, how-to’s, email, and shopping.  I am very much looking forward to joining in the latest forms of electronic communications for personal reasons as well.  Facebook here I come!  LOL  My future career plans include writing a children’s book about the Outer Banks, writing a biography about a prominent figure in the history of the Outer Banks, creating and running my own website as a means to sell the jewelry I make in addition to various other forms of self-expression.  On an academic level, my career goals are to pursue a Masters in Applied Linguistics.  I am from Tidewater, Virginia and graduated from Western Branch High School in Chesapeake.  I have two dogs and one cat thus making up my nuclear family.  We live on the water and are very happy there.  I have one brother, two nephews, and a niece who all live in Delaware as does my mother.  My dad still lives in Chesapeake and all of my grandparents have passed away.  My hobbies include playing the guitar and singing, fishing and crabbing, clogging, cooking, and creating jewelry and various other forms of art using things found in nature.  I also love to write!  I’m looking forward to learning something from each and every one of you.

Here we go again!

Well, I’ve been forced to start over.  WordPress (or perhaps operator error??)  quit recognizing me.  It wouldn’t accept my password nor my email address, so in the interest of time, I created another account.  So here I am, and I hope to be up and blogging regularly from here on out!