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January 20, 2010

sun dappled waves crash

tidal pools form a blessed

relief from the cold

Happy birthday to

you.  Happy birthday to you

You smell like a shoe.

So, in order to feel like I’ve accomplished something today, I’ve decided to list all things done thus  far.  In addition to painting a picture

My first oil painting

My First Oil Painting!


  • posted to all my blogs
  • helped Mom create a blog
  • listened to my brother’s radio show
  • began a new blog
  • played frisbee with the dogs
  • done a load of laundry
  • hung up ALL my clothes
  • swept up the house
  • packed up summer clothes
  • washed dishes
  • made online payments for tuition and rent
  • left message for an old friend from elementary school who found me via facebook!
Jack rolling up snow like insulation 2009

All rolled up!

“Schoooooooooooool’s Out For Winter!”…..  I hope Alice Cooper would approve. (The album containing this song was released the summer of 1972 when school was actually out.) And Dean Martin, although he didn’t write “Let it Snow” he made it famous along with a host of others who covered it.  Interesting fact is that it was written in California in July of 1945, on what was later recored as the hottest day of the year.  I reckon they, lyricist Sammy Cahn and the Broadway songwriter Jule Styne, were trying to cool off by thinking of the coldest thing they could, snow.  Mind over matter.  Check out the nephews and niece, Jack, Molly and Danny as they play in the snow this morning.  “Oh the weather outside is frightful………”

Danny in the snow 2009 Do the snow dance Danny!


Molly and Snowman 2009
“I love you!”


Tweets Galore!

Well now, I have learned so much about twitter!  Gone are the days that I thought it stupid and inane, posting about one’s most mundane moves.  The uses the users have come up with is phenomenal!  I’m already planning on using this upcoming term when I will teach Public Speaking again.  Of course we will live tweet each other’s presentations. 

Obviously the goals of the assignment have been fulfilled, perhaps even more so than intended!  I find the entire realm of social networking fascinating and the potential is endless.  What a concept!

As to live tweeting our own presentations, I thoroughly enjoyed that both as a tweetee (that’s a funny “word”) and a tweeter.  As a tweetee these were the pros and cons I observed:


  • instant gratification
  • fun to read
  • comments that might have been forgotten after the presentation
  • live from ODU! It’s Monday niiiiiight!


  • lack of continuous eye contact from audience (hard to get used to)
  • increased anxiety level

As I tweeter, these were the pros and cons I encountered:


  • instant gratification
  • I get to voice my thoughts as they occur!
  • the tweet stream
  • almost like a telepathic experience with the other audience members


  • A tad distracting
  • stream sometimes diverted to individual chats
  • inhibits undivided attention


Howdy classmates!

I’d like to introduce myself as Jules, for that is the nickname most used by my friends. I am a graduate of ODU, class of ’93, with a degree in Middle School Education. After spending ten grueling years teaching in the Portsmouth Public School Systems I decided to switch careers. Well, that didn’t last long and after spending a year or so as a Registrar I found myself back in the classroom, although this time at the community college level. Needing a few additional credits I returned to ODU to fulfill the requirements to continue teaching.

Current Courses:

  • Teaching College Composition
  • The Craft of Poetry
  • History of the English Language
  • Writing in the Digital Environment

Why I’m Here: I am hoping to gain from this class a thorough understanding of the media my students are most engrossed in, in hopes that I may then use that knowledge  in the classroom.  With this generation of texters, IM, visual learners, etc. I am finding that traditional pedagogies are just not getting the job done.  Students today want instant gratification and justification for anything assigned to them.  Gone are the days of the methods by which I was taught.  I spend a lot of time on the Internet but mostly for research purposes, curiosity, how-to’s, email, and shopping.  I am very much looking forward to joining in the latest forms of electronic communications for personal reasons as well.  Facebook here I come!  LOL 

My Goals: My future career plans include writing a children’s book, writing a biography about a prominent figure in the history of the Outer Banks (Nellie Myrtle Midgett Pridgen),  and creating and running my own website, Eclectic Jules.  I intend to sell a variety of items including the shell and seaglass jewelry I make, I few choice books and novelty items,  and various other forms of self-expression.  On an academic level, my career goals are to pursue a Masters in  Linguistics.  I am fascinated with the field of Forensic Linguistics and hope to enter this highly specialized field.

A Little Background:  I am from Tidewater, Virginia and graduated from Western Branch High School in Chesapeake.   I have one brother who has blessed me with two nephews, and a niece, and a wonderful sister-in-law.  They all live in Delaware as does my mother.  My dad still lives in Chesapeake and all of my grandparents have passed away. And Foreground:   I have two dogs and one cat and we recently moved to a cozy little homestead on the water.  My hobbies include playing the guitar and singing, fishing and crabbing, clogging, crocheting, cooking, and creating jewelry and various other forms of art using things found in nature.  I also love to write and incorporate my photography into my writings!  And  I’m looking forward to learning something from each and every one of you!